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How To Motivate Your Teen!

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Using high school "classes" to explore & engage.

No matter where or how you do school, your student may not be 'all in'. This is normal. The student might appear uninterested in school, lazy on tests, unmotivated to do homework, or even belligerent, angry, and/or depressed. These are all common but the typical treatment for such problems is not very successful: threats, bribes, medications, or even boot camps.

The best treatment for school related angst of any kind is ENGAGEMENT!

How Do You Engage a Student? Best question you ever asked. You engage by getting rid of busywork (any work that is being done just because you are 'supposed' to do it) and add in explorative work that allows the student to find meaning in what they are doing.

If you want to never see this in a classroom again, then find a way to get rid of repetitive school work. Replace it with engaging courses that allow the student to explore their career options.

If you are a home schooler or doing a custom program with LeeWay Academy, then you will be doing your core classes in an efficient way like dual credit, AP, or CLEP that allows the student to see the value of their class work. But you will have a lot of extra time since these options are super efficient (when used correctly). So what do you do with that extra time? You take one-off classes or join clubs that let's the student engage.

Here are some wonderful examples of credit high school classes you can find a various cooperatives or online that will engage any student and motivate their other school work!

Backyard Ballistics - Backyard Ballistics Project Book (Physics Fun!)

Basket Weaving (Yes, literally)

Beginning Beading (Jewelry Making)

Bibliovores - Blog Post for Bibliovores (For kids who devour books)

Careers with Animals - Volunteer with zookeeper, pet store owner, veterinarian, animal shelter worker, animal trainers, groomers, conservation officer, kennel attendant, etc.

Chess (leagues both online and around town)

Collage Art - Sample Syllabus

Computer Coding - Just one option, there are many!

Cooking Around the World - Blog Post for Cooking Around the World

Cooking for the Family - Sample Syllabus

Face Painting - Face Painting TV

Famous Battles - Thumbs Up for History

First Aid - Red Cross

God’s Smuggler(s) - VOM Bold Believers Downloads

Hackathons - Online & Near You

Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution - Incredible Creatures Videos

Into the Wardrobe Literature Class - Blog Post for Into the Wardrobe

Introduction to German - Sample Syllabus for German

Introduction to Sewing - Petit Atelier

Inventors & Inventions - Enchanted Learning

Junk Box Wars - Junk Box Wars (Team Challenges)

Scrapbooking & Card Making

Sign Language - For Credit or Just for High School

Strategic Board Games & Logic Games - All Ages

Tell Me a Story - Show Me a Story

Think! Team Building Challenge - Blog Post for Think! Team Building Challenge

What’s Bugging You? - Blog Post for What’s Bugging You? (upper elementary)

Woodcarving - Online & Free

Zentangle Art - Skill Share

Don't Let This Be Your Student


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