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Kathe Lee

Director LeeWay Academy


Expert in high school to college strategies!


Specializing in college admissions, financial aid, learning differences, stress-related school issues, tests prep, and  career planning,  Kathe identifies each student's strengths then users her knowledge of the brain & the educational system to help each student reach their goal.

"My goal is minimum stress, optimal outcomes!"

Custom schooling

Bored, stressed, want to focus on sports or a hobby? You can opt to Custom School in a one-of-a-kind program that assures each student graduates on time, with top honors, and perfectly positioned for college admissions.  We use the power of Custom Schooling to create a tailor-made curriculum designed to eliminate busywork, increase mastery, and facilitate exploration for post-high school success. 

LeeWAY Academy

LeeWay Academy is a highly selective private school focusing on preparation for, admission to, and success at university while assuring career readiness. We balance academics with service, leadership, and engagement, then eliminate all busywork because happy brains learn best.


We begin with an academic assessment. Then we curate an ideally customized set of courses that meets or exceeds the legal standards in all 50 states. Each course is perfectly matched to the student’s aptitude, interests, personality, and life goals.  Where, when, and how each class is taken is flexible. Through custom partnerships with colleges, private schools, online services, and homeschool co-ops, LeeWay offers unparalleled educational options. Classes may be taken online, in person, at home, or via virtual live instruction.  

LeeWay students graduate with the Distinguished Degree Plan plus academic honors such as Performance Acknowledgements & State Endorsements.  LeeWay Students have been accepted at top universities throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia including Stanford, Cornell, Oxford, Princeton, and many others.  Most earned some level of academic merit scholarship to boot.


LeeWay is a true paradigm shift in education.


   Our goal is happy, independent, successful adults!

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