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Kathe Lee

America's expert on

high school to college success.

For college admissions, financial aid, learning differences, stress, tests prep, or career planning, we have answers. 

We use your strengths and our knowledge to help you reach your goals.

College Planning

College is expensive!  But there is a way for every student to get into a good college and get it paid for. We hold your hand from 8th grade thru admissions. We fine tuning college apps, editing essays, find scholarships, aptitude testing, dual credit, and tweak your high school to make sure you GRADUATE COLLEGE DEBT FREE!

Custom schooling

Bored, stressed, want to focus on sports or a hobby? LeeWay Academy is a one-of-a-kind high school that assures each student graduates with top honors, no busy work, and perfectly positioned for college admissions & aid. We use the power of Custom Schooling to let you have your cake and eat it too.

Learning Issues

School can be stressful.  Add tests anxiety, bullying, stress, busywork, or learning differences, and school can become downright unbearable. Some students just won't survive.  Why make school harder than it has to be.  We identify the real problem then create a custom strategy to help students thrive.  No labels. Just success!