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AP Prep Online

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

AP is a test. Nothing more. If you pass the test then you get credit for the class! You get one full year of high school credit. And you get 3 college credits (or more). So while most 9-12th graders are grinding through 9 months of daily AP classes and homework, the smart ones are being strategic. They do minimum prep then pass the test. INSTANT AP CREDIT! Bottom line, "You only need the test!".

If you are a decent tester, then consider taking an online (live or self-paced) AP course in the spring each year then sitting for the matching AP Exam in May. If you pass, great. Instant high school AND college credit. If you don't pass, then you are exactly where 50% of high school students are --- except you did not sit through 20 weeks of sheer torture.

This model allows you to work when, where, and how you want, skip all the busywork, and still be an AP Scholar (an elite award for kids that pass AP Exams. You can do self-prep using the $10 guidebook from Collegeboard (the test maker), or you can choose a specialized class that last from 1-4 months. Start in January. Finish in April. Test in May. Fast, easy, efficient.

CHECK OUT THESE TOP AP COURSES (live and self paced)

AP US History by Kaplan

One of the most expensive courses on this list, it’s also one of the only ones that includes live interaction with an expert teacher. This course includes eight live sessions, each of which is two hours in length. Includes Barron’s premium US history study prep book, notes and study guides. Visit the course website.

Costs: $499 (at the time of writing)

AP Calculus AB by John Hopkins CTY

The course is approved by the College Board and self-paced. There are no planned class meetings. However, students can schedule times to meet one-on-one with the instructor.

The coursework in this class is the same as what you would find in a college Calculus I course. Includes lectures, online videos, and animations. There are homework assignments, chapter exams, and free-response questions. Visit the course website.

Costs: $860 for three months (at the time of writing)

AP Computer Science Principles by HarvardX

This course is two different classes combined into one. The first course, Understanding Technology, is an introduction to how technology works. The second course, Introduction to Computer Science, focuses on enterprise-level computing and programming. Harvard’s course is approved by the College Board to meet its requirements for AP Computer Science Principles credit. Visit the course website.

Costs: $162 (at the time of writing)

AP Computer Science A by CodeWizaards

The perfect course for the student that wants to not be bogged down with classes or homework but expect best outcomes. Start in January, take one session per week max. Review at the end of each month. Take the exam in May with confidence. Accepted by colleges and high schools. Visit the course website.

Costs: $447 (at the time of writing)

AP Calculus BC by

A comprehensive course with 167 lessons and new lessons added often. Each lesson in this course drills down to a specific topic. Lessons are short and easy to digest. This class also includes a unit on how to properly use a scientific calculator. Includes practice tests, video tutorials, and lesson quizzes. Visit the course website.

Costs: Free

AP US Government and Politics by

Perfect for a one semester course. There are 18 chapters in the class. Chapters include resources like readings, flashcards, and quizzes to test your knowledge. There are also units on economics, foreign policy, and political parties.Students that successfully complete this course will be better equipped to pass the associated AP exam. Visit the course website.

Costs: Free

AP Statistics by Khan Academy

16 individual lessons with new content being added regularly. well. You will learn about two-way tables and learn to analyze one categorical variable. There are also lessons on statistics in research. This includes sampling distributions, confidence intervals, and chi-square tests.

Costs: Free

AP English Literature & Composition by UC Berkeley

Developed by the University of California at Berkeley and offered via EdX. The course focuses on literature. It addresses your ability to read and write about literature more effectively. You’ll also learn methods to improve your academic writing abilities.

Costs: Free

AP Physics 1 by Davidson & EdX

AP Physics is one of the more challenging AP courses. With this prep class from Davidson Next and edX, you’ll be prepared. This course focuses on eight of the most difficult parts of the AP Physics exam including Acceleration, Free fall and projectile motion, Rotational motion, Angular momentum. It also limits confusion as you’re focused on one topic at a time.

Most students need about eight weeks to finish this class. Visit the course website.

Costs: Free

AP Psychology by University of British Columbia & EdX

The University of British Columbia developed course is one of eight courses in AP psychology that you can take on EdX. This course is usually completed in three weeks assuming you study 8-12 hours each week. It is an open-ended course. If you need more time to finish the class, you can take as long as you need. Visit the course website.

Costs: Free

AP English Language and Composition Exam by Debra Bell

This course is live and online. Great testing outcomes with minimal busywork. This teacher seems to know what to h one in on. Join live session then review with teh recorded material at your own pace. Visit the course website. (For a free version, check out Tennessee Board of Regents on EdX. Visit the course website.)

Costs: $799 (or free)

AP Chemistry by Pennsylvania Homeschoolers (Best In The Industry)

PENN offers the AP best product for students who want to work remotely but feel assured of acing the exams. Their classes are 100% approved by Collegeboard and accepted as a full year of high school credit by even public schools. Visit the course website. (For a free version, check out Khan Academy's new AP courses. Visit the course website.)

Costs: $895 (or Free)


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