Updated: Mar 26

If you plan to apply to colleges as a freshman applicant and want scholarships, you will need to do several key things on a very demanding timeline. You will need: Essay, References, Transcript, School Report, Counselor's Recommendation, and Resume.

Applications start August 1st and end November 1st.

Rising Senior Checklist

Jan-Feb of 11th Grade

  •  Update your high school degree plan to confirm what classes you need for 12th grade.

  •  Confirm registration for final fall classes at school, coop, AP or dual credit.

  • Take 1st SAT to get a baseline. Do basic prep online.

  • Take 1st ACT to get a baseline. Do basic prep online.

Mar-Apr of 11th Grade

  • Visit colleges and create a list of 3-8 colleges that you will apply to.

  •  Do online college research and make a list of ones you love.

  • Do a real and/or virtual visit for each college you are planning to apply to.

  • Ask for an application fee waiver at the end of each in-person visit.

  • Have your baseline SAT & ACT compared to pick the one to retake.

May-Jun of 11th Grade

  •  Take final AP exams that will show on your application.

  • Sign up for August SAT2 Subject Tests if required.

  •  Sign up for a retake SAT or ACT. Not both. Get a comparison!!

  • Ask teachers to start referrals. These will be due 10/1.

  •  Ask mentors to start referrals. These will be due 10/1.

  • Get a resume template from KatheLee.com and start your resume.

July - Aug of 11th Grade

August (Senior Year)

  •  Take final SAT or ACT no later that Nov. 1st

  •  Take final SAT2 Subject Tests if you are registered

  •  Start fall classes with a light load. You will need lots of time for college apps.

  •  Complete one application to your top college.

  • Complete a rough draft of your master college essay.

  • Confirm which teachers and friends will give you references.

  • Email info@kathelee.com and ask us to “Optimize” your app/essay/references.

  • If you are a homeschooler, send an email asking us to optimize your transcript.

September of 12th

  •  Continue optimizations of primary app

  • Continue edits on master essay

  • Submit in-app requests to teachers and friends for references

  • Submit in-app requests to counselor and school for reports (transcript)

  • Try to get ahead of the curve so you don't lose out on scholarships. The key rule to remember is that you can apply for admissions well into next year but if you don't submit your application by 11/1, you will not get merit scholarships.

October of 12th

  • ‡ Take final SAT, ACT, SAT2s

  • Complete FAFSA and send to all colleges.

  • Consider CSS Profile for any colleges that use it.

  • ‡ Request high school transcript to be sent to all colleges that you are applying to.

  •  Request all tests scores to be sent to all colleges that you are applying to.

  •  Request all referrals to be sent or uploaded to all colleges that you are applying to.

  • Copy your primary app to create all other apps.

  • Submit all apps by Halloween.

  • Apply "Early Action" when possible

  • Apply "Early Decision" only if you are certain you want to attend that college!

  • (Essay should be inside your apps)

  • Submit HS transcript to each college.

  • Submit Dual Credit transcript and AP scores to each college.

  • Submit SAT, ACT, and/or SAT2 scores to each college (or apply 'Tests Optional')

  • Submit Teacher & Friend referrals to each college.

November ( D-Day!)

  • ‡ November 1s - Make sure to get all apps submitted by this date.

  • Apps are not complete until all supporting documents have been submitted