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Home School Transcripts 101

Updated: May 30, 2021

Nothing influences your admission to a college more than your official transcript. The way you name a class, assign a credit, intensify an honors course, or document an AP score will directly determine if a college offers you admission or gives you any money.

Getting an optimize homeschool transcript can directly affect your admission & aid.

The College Admissions Connection

Students are required to submit a transcript when applying to college. Admissions offices use students’ transcripts, which include the student’s GPA and information on what courses they have taken, to determine their eligibility for admissions. High school transcripts are also used to determine students’ eligibility for various scholarships including primary merit. A high school transcript lays out what courses a student has completed, what level of honors those courses involved, what credits were earned, and what grade was received for each course. In short, the transcript tells us what caliber of student is applying to our college.

Do It Yourself

Many homeschoolers will graduate with a coop, umbrella school, virtual charter, or online public school. In those cases, that institution will often provide an official transcript (even if they do not optimize it for the student's benefit). In fact, unless you are bound to a state school, you are always going to be better off managing your own transcript.

  • Find an online template or buy one at your local homeschool store

  • Plug in your student's coursework.

  • Give each class a common name like English 9, Math 10, Spanish 2, etc

  • Denote if the class is worth 0.5 credits or 1.0

  • Label each class with a grade (a number when possible)

  • Add up all the grades and divide by the total number of grades. That's your GPA.

  • Get it notarized and it is official.

  • Need to make a change? Just get it re-notarized each time and you are legit.

Go Pro!

Not feeling up to the task? Any parent can make a transcript for their student throughout high school, but the transcript you submit with the college application will determine what colleges your students gets acceptance into, as well as how much merit based aid they are initially offered. Its a big deal. If you feel the weight of this daunting task, I recommend you use a professional college admissions service that specializes in home school transcripts.

  • Call 972-414-2690

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  • Get our template, fill it out, then we will take it from there!

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